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Frequently Asked Questions

What is website migration?

Website migration is the process of transferring your website’s files and data from one hosting provider to another. It is important when you want to change your hosting provider or upgrade to a better hosting plan.

What are the website migration steps that SiteHoppr follows?

SiteHoppr follows a standardized website migration process, including site analysis, backup, configuration of the new server, data transfer, testing, and finally, making the site live on the new server.

How long does website migration take?

The time it takes to migrate a website depends on the size and complexity of the website. However, we usually complete website migration within 24-48 hours.

Can you guarantee that my website will not experience any downtime during migration?

We try our best to ensure that there is no downtime during website migration. However, there can be some minimal downtime in certain cases, such as when the DNS records are being updated.

What website migration services do you offer?

We specialize in providing website migration services for WordPress and all kinds of custom-built websites. Our team has years of experience in website migration and can handle any complexity of migration.

What information do you need to migrate my website?

We will need access to your current hosting provider’s control panel, FTP/SFTP details, and your website’s database information. We will provide you with a detailed list of information required once you place an order.

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